The Journey Begins

Macari started out with a goal of being a service provider of high-quality products to the Caribbean via drop shipping. After entering the National Innovative Competition in 2002 and 2003 and failing to take first place and cop the lolly, this did not stop us. The notion of packing a barrel online was unheard of and through many attempts to get funding, the dream was never realised.

With a determination to succeed in having a product or service that was top notch quality and people would enjoy using. CEO Sherwin Boyce with his team began researching the best way to present a product online that even though the idea may not be original, it would be effective in its delivery, process and success. is the place to shop. No question! As economies are declining or changing drastically, the one thing besides food that people need – Clothing and nothing like a good deal to get people excited about spending their hard-earned dollars on something they can really love and appreciate.

From cosmetics to earrings to shoes for all occasions. We ship anywhere in the world. Quality is no longer out of your reach. Weekly discounts just to suit your pockets. Be trendy and dress up or down with collections for every season, or for just sitting on the beach while soaking up the sun. – just for you!