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Genuine British Commando Knife

Genuine British Commando Knife features a double-edged 7" carbon steel blade, serrated metal handle, and reinforced leather sheath. 

Genuine Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife

With its parkerized 7" blade, serrated Leather grip and 12" overall length, the Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife is the "Finest USMC Combat Knife Ever Made"

GI Pilots Survival Knife

The G.I. Pilots Survival Knife features a 5" carbon fiber blade with a leather sheath and sharpening stone. The knife measures 9.5" in total, including the natural leather handle. Army and Air Force Issue Knife.

GI Style Pilot’s Survival Knife

GI Style Pilot’s Survival Knife features a 5 Inch Parkerized blade which protects the blade of the knife from corrosion,

Rothco 7 Inch Paracord Knife with Fire Starter

This paracord knife features a modified 7" blade, made of 420 black clip stainless steel. The full knife measures 11 1/2" long with the handle wrapped in 550 lb paracord. The nylon sheath features a magnesium fire starter and hook and loop handle strap.

Rothco Black Raider I Boot Knife

Rothco's Black Raider I Boot Knife is a 9" stainless steel knife with a black matte finish. The knife comes with a sheath.

Rothco Black Raider II Boot Knife

Rothco’s Black Raider II Boot Knife features a durable 3” matte black stainless steel blade designed in classic dagger style, and includes a leather sheath with clip and snap closure that can be attached to your boot, clipped to your belt, pocket, or backpack for convenient everyday carry.
Olive Drab

Rothco G.I. Type M-9 Bayonet W/ Sheath

Excellent Copy Of GI Plastic 7 3/4 Inches Stainless Steel Blade With blood Groove Saw Back Quick Release Belt Clip

Rothco Genuine 3pc British Army Knife

Genuine British Army Knife Includes Sheepsfoot Blade (2.5 Inches) Can Opener Knife (2 Inches) & Marlin Spike (3 Inches) Bonus Flathead Screwdriver Too

Rothco Military Fighting Utility Knife With Leather Handle

Rothco's Utility Knife is inspired by classic military fighting knives and features a leather handle and sheath. 

Rothco Raider I Boot Knife

Rothco's Raider I Boot Knife features a stainless steel blade knife with a sheath and measures 9" overall. Rothco carries a large selection of military tactical knives.

Rothco Raider II Boot Knife

Rothco's Raider II Boot Knife features 3" stainless steel blade and measures overall 6 1/2". Sheath is also included with the Raider Boot Knife.